DPAS Release 2.3.02

Calendar March 4DPAS v2.3.02 was released on March 4, 2013. This minor release contains 11 SCR's, 20 Remedy Tickets and 28 Bugs.

The application has been enhanced to include Catalog Clean Up, FEDLOG Query Access, Utilization Report in Excel format, LIN Asset Custodian, MyActions Metric Graphics Phase I, the Show Inquiry button has been added along with Add Additional Search Fields to the Inquiry Drop-down List.  Modifications corrected outstanding problems or program code was redefined for Asset Management, Accounting, Authorizations, Catalog, Inventory, Security and M&U. Please see the Release 2.3.02 release notes for more detailed information.

The next scheduled release is Release 2.3.03; scheduled time-frame is mid April 2013