Warehouse Release 1.0

CalendarDPAS Warehousing Release 1.0 was released on October 7, 2013. This is the initial release of DPAS’s Warehousing module. Its capabilities are designed to support a warehouse operation that maintains an inventory of items and provides for the issue/return of items to a Unit Identification Code (UIC) and/or Individual Member based upon a prescribed list of items contained in a Master Issue List. The Warehousing module provides for a four tier architecture: Logistics Program, Region, Site and Warehouse. The materiel is located at the Warehouse level. With a Warehouse, there can be one or more Facilities, Zones and Locations. The location where the materiel is located is either in a specific location or container. When in a container, the container has a location allowing for all of the materiel in the container to be moved by updating the location of the container. Please see the Warehouse Release 1.0.00 release notes for more detailed information.

A subsequent release planned for later in FY2014 will provide for Material Release Order (MRO) type issues.