DPAS Release 3.2.00

Jan 06DPAS v3.2.00 was released on Wednesday, January 6, 2016.

This release implements a number of System Change Requests and corrects a number of program deficiencies identified by the user community and through testing by the development team. The updates impact all 3 modules (Property Accountability, Maintenance and Utilization, and Warehouse Management). In addition, DPAS has added a 4th module currently referred to as Inventory Control Point (ICP). The ICP module provides users with the capability to perform financial valuation of Operating Materiel & Supplies (OM&S) using the Moving Average Cost model, and provides for review, approving, and ordering of materiel for the Warehouse Management Module. Please see the 3.2.00 release notes for more detailed information.

The next scheduled release is Release 4.0.00; scheduled time-frame is late March 2016.