DPAS Release 4.0.00

April 29thDPAS v4.0.00 was released on Friday, April 29, 2016.

This release implements a number of System Change Requests and corrects a number of program deficiencies identified by the user community and through testing by the development team. The updates impact all 3 modules (Property Accountability, Maintenance and Utilization, and Warehouse Management). This release includes the new integrated DPAS Security model, which combines all 3 modules into a single security infrastructure. Most users will not see any changes to their normal day-to-day operations within the DPAS application. The new Security Model includes the ability to allow for Single Sign On between all DPAS modules and streamlines the Account Management process for both the Account Management team and the End User. This integrated user management process will allow for additional streamlining of DPAS account management in the future. Please see the Release 4.0.00 release notes for more detailed information.

The next scheduled release is Release 4.0.10; scheduled time-frame is late May 2016.