Motorola 9190-G

Motorola MC9190-G
w/o Wireless and Bluetooth®

Featuring Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System
*Standard Range Imaging Scanner*
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Warning: This model is not compatible with
the DPAS Warehouse Management module.

All MC9190 models are TAA compliant.

You may use the AIT-V contract or GSA Advantage to order. 

For product assistance, please contact:

Michael Sparks

Director - Government and Carrier Sales


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You may view the AIT-V contract 
to obtain contract information

CLIN 0001BN must be specified 
at the time of the order 
(Disables all wireless 






HHT with full alphanumeric keypad and batch data communications (no wireless capability)  Motorola MC9190-G (WEH 6.5.x)

Hand Held Terminal (HHT) consists of a Motorola MC-9190 with full alphanumeric keyboard (53 keys), pistol grip, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.x, and a standard range scanner capable of reading both linear (1D) and 2D bar codes. HHT comes with all required operating system, firmware, software, cables, and accessories needed to support installation of your business application(s) and be placed into productive operation.


When purchased through the AIT-V contract, these items are included:

  • Motorola MC9190-G Terminal
  • CAC reader with drivers and client application
  • Operational and spare batteries
  • Operational and spare styli
  • Removable 2GD memory card (SD format)
  • Communications dock/battery charger
  • Cable adapter module
  • Serial cradle
  • All required cables to connect all components

Optional Accessories available on the AIT-V contract:

  • Universal holster and shoulder strap
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Multiple battery charger
  • Transparent, flexible dust cover 
  • Replacement styli

***** Warranty *****
Standard AIT V Contract Warranty Applies

Please note that all orders must follow the Fair Opportunity requirements.