Impound Asset Manager

  • Title
    Impound Asset Manager
  • SCR Number
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
    USAF: AvSE
  • State
  • History
    Submitted 11/29/2022
  • Description
    Change Request: New Role Design

    Problem: Not currently able to lock down an asset in DPAS M&U when asset is impounded as directed by DAFI 91-204, Safety Investigations and Reports. This inability allows for the potential of users to change/update asset information in the system while the asset is still under investigation, causing a major safety and records management issue.
    Create a new Impound Official role within DPAS M&U and add a check box to the Maintenance Asset Master screen labeled as "Asset Impounded".   Selection of this check box by an authorized person will "lock out" all other users and lock all asset history while the asset is impounded. Once asset is released from impound, an authorized user will unlock this asset and it will be available for normal use/maintenance. Limit use of the new Asset Impounded check box to only the newly created Impoundment Official role.
    Mission Critical:
    Mandated by DAFI 91-204, Safety Investigations and Reports, and DAFI 21-101, Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management.
    The addition of this role will allow for proper control and integrity of asset historical data within DPAS M&U and will make DPAS M&U compliant with Aircraft/Equipment impoundment procedures. This additional role and ability will also address safety concerns, by not allowing use when an asset condition is questionable or under investigation.
    Frequency: Monthly
    Hard to measure, possibly several times a month.

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