Additional Details for FSM Auth On-Hand Report

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    Additional Details for FSM Auth On-Hand Report
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    Submitted 12/01/2022
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    Change Request: New System process

    Current FSM Auth On-hand report does not auto populate the the Master NSN in the NSN column when running a report with the Interchangeable or Substitute NSN. Additionally FSM Auth on-hand capability can only be submitted as report and limits filtering data elements to only being able to run a report one NSN at a time. The current 'work around' is to run a report at either the MAJCOM, AUIC, UIC level to see all the NSN. UIC selection requires the user to scroll to find the UIC they
    Populate the Master NSN in NSN column, regardless if the inquiry is for the Interchangeable or Substitute NSN. Include in the Pop-up screen for the search stock number a notice if the NSN is a Interchangeable or Substitute to a Master NSN. Allow to run reports for multiple NSN, UICs, Auth-id etc.  Include intelliSense capability for all search by data elements
    Mission Critical:
    Current process is limited and requires more robust capabilities
    This will provide the DAF the capability to make data driven decisions for the management and oversight of Support Equipment.
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