DPAS Sub-Warehouse / Shop Code and DLMS

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    DPAS Sub-Warehouse / Shop Code and DLMS
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    Change Request: Process Improvement


    Currently each DPAS warehouse is required to have a unique RIC (Mandatory when external reporting is required) and / or DoDAAC. This value is used for routing DLMS transactional data between DPAS Warehouse Mgmt. and DPAS Materiel Management Mgmt. modules and to / from external systems. There are times where a DPAS Customer has an organization that has a requirement for multiple warehouses to manage different commodities that is not desired to have them commingled e.g. spare parts, tool crib, un-issued materiel with no avenue to acquire additional RICs. Note: The Department is running out of 3 character RICs with plans to replace the RIC with DoDAAC once logistics system are fully DLMS compliant (eliminate support for MILS format).


    The proposed change will have DPAS implement the Planning / Maintenance Organization (Shop Service Center) name value as part of the warehouse business key. By including this value, DPAS will be able to use this value along with a RIC / DoDAAC to route DLMS transactions enabling an organization to have multiple warehouses without having each of them having a unique RIC / DoDAAC.

    Mission Critical:

    This change will enable an organization to have multiple DPAS warehouses which will enable them to have multiple Tool Cribs, Parts/Supply Rooms, Issuing locations, etc.


    This SCR is identified as phase 1 of the DPAS effort to add flexibility to its Warehouse Mgmt. module. With this change DPAS customers will be better able to manage its different types of inventories / different physical locations within an organization. Additional efforts are planned to provide greater flexibility in configuring a DPAS warehouse.

    Frequency: Daily


    Currently SPECWARCOM and the Air Force has multiple warehouse requirements within a organization.



    Partially Completed – Release 2023.1.1 – 13 January 2023

    Partially Completed – Release 2023.1.2 – 27 January 2023

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