Eliminate DLMS 870s for TPFs

  • Title
    Eliminate DLMS 870s for TPFs
  • SCR Number
  • DPAS Module
    Materiel Management
  • Reporting Organization
    Army: ASA(ALT)
  • State
  • History
    Submitted 12/14/22
  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    ASA(ALT) utilizes the Materiel Mgmt. module to perform Total Package Fieldings (TPFs).  When a push customer requisition is entered / approved, DPAS will generate / send a DLMS 870S Supply Status along with a DLMS 527D  Prepositioned Materiel Receipt to the recipient of the intended recipient of the materiel.  The DLMS 527D is determined by the customer profile while the DLMS 870S is automatic as if the push order was a pull order with DPAS responding to the receipt of a DLMS 511R. Army is encountering an issue when the DLMS 527D is not transmitted (customer profile incorrectly established), or when the 527D is rejected by GCSS-Army. When the DLMS 527D is not received / processed and a DLMS 870S is received, GCSS-Army will establish a Due In and transmit a DLMS 511R to National for the purchase of the materiel that is to be provided by the PEO/PM.
    Army is requesting that DPAS not generate DLMS 870S Supply Statues for TPF type orders.  The Supply Status is not needed and results in the generation of an order when there isn't one desired.  All TPF activity is supported by the DLMS 527D Prepositioned Materiel Receipt (PMR).  Should the PM change the qty or cancel the order DPAS sends the change via an updated PMR (DLMS 527D).
    Mission Critical:
    This functionality is needed to prevent unwanted orders being generated to national when the DLMS 527D prepositioned receipt is not received / processed.
    This change will eliminate unwanted orders being systematically generated by GCSS-Army.
    Frequency: Daily
    This feature will be utilized by the ASA(ALT) PMs in fielding of the next generation of equipment to the U.S. Army and by USSOCOM for push orders to their customers.

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