Maintenance Schedule/Work Plan System Update

  • Title
    Maintenance Schedule/Work Plan System Update
  • SCR Number
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
    AF: AvSE
  • State
    In Progress
  • History
    Submitted 12/16/2022
  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    Problem: When Work Orders are closed that are comprised of Work Plans that are shared across multiple Maintenance Schedules, DPAS does not know which Maintenance Schedule to update and therefore updates all. This in turn, will cause DPAS to not generate Work Orders on required inspections and reflect inspections as being accomplished that have not been accomplished.  This is a critical safety issue.
    Create a switch or drop down menu at the Program (Maintenance Director) level to ensure only the maintenance schedule associated with a work order is updated when the work order is closed.  
    Mission Critical:
    None Provided
    With the ability to only update Maintenance Schedules whose Work Orders that were generated from that Maintenance Schedule are completed, It ensures inspection integrity. This will also eliminate the issue users are having with duplicate Work Orders or Work Orders not generating at all. Finally, this will eliminate the major safety implication that are currently present.  
    Frequency: Daily
    Thousands of times a day across the enterprise.
    Partially Completed – Release 2023.1.4 – 24 February 2023
    Partially Completed – Release 2023.1.6 – 24 March 2023

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