Add DLMS ADC 1422 to ICP

  • Title
    Add DLMS ADC 1422 to ICP
  • SCR Number
  • DPAS Module
    Materiel Management
  • Reporting Organization
    AF: GFM-A
  • State
  • History
    Submitted 01/10/2023
  • Description
    DLMS ADC 1422 revises the DLMS 832N Catalog Data transaction and adds a new qualifier to identify the procurement instrument identifier (PIID) authorizing the contractor to perform work on behalf of the government.  
    With DPAS current support, the Air Force CICP programs are required to record the authorizing contract when transmitting materiel master records via the DLMS 832N.  This qualifier mirrors the DLMS 947I, Inventory Adjustment Transaction to ensure consistency.  Recommended Solution - update the DPAS processing logic to accept, store and update the PIID transmitted by the DLMS 832N transaction.  In addition to updating the DPAS catalog, the processing logic should associate the new stock number to the AF CICP/GFM contract number.
    Mission Critical:
    Yes - This SCR requires implementation for inventory accountability and to accurately report the financial value of the inventory held by the contractor.  This SCR is being submitted to implement DLMS ADC 1422.
    The benefits of this SCR fix a material weakness resulting from inability to transmit and receive the authorizing contract via the DLMS 832N.  The authorizing contract is a data element required by DoDI 500.64 section 4.6.  
    ALL AF GFM-A users of DPAS
    Completed – Release 2023.1.6 – 24 March 2023

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