Add DoD Serial Number to WPMAR20R (report)

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    Add DoD Serial Number to WPMAR20R (report)
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  • DPAS Module
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    USAF: AvSE
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    Submitted 01/17/2023
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    Change Request: Process Improvement

    DoD/Secondary Serial Number is the AF most commonly used equipment identifier within a maintenance shop.  Not having this identifier available on the report requires users to maintain a separate cross-reference sheet to convert DoD/Secondary Serial Number (not on the report) to asset Serial Number (on the report).    The Air Force uses the DoD Serial Number field for the legacy system identifier to ensure linkage to history in the legacy systems.  This number is also commonly stenciled or etched onto the equipment for easy visibility and identification.
    Add DoD/Secondary Serial Number to the Upcoming Maintenance Schedule report (WPMAR20R).
    Mission Critical:
    AFI 21-101, Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management
    More accurate maintenance documentation, quicker identification of equipment requiring inspection.  Easier and quicker leadership briefings on upcoming maintenance (a policy requirement).
    Frequency: Daily
    ~10K users affected

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