DLMS Modernization of Inbound 846

  • Title
    DLMS Modernization of Inbound 846
  • SCR Number
  • DPAS Module
    Materiel Management
  • Reporting Organization
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  • History
    Submitted 01/26/2023
  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    DPAS currently utilizes several methods to inbound and process DLMS transactions. These methods are commonly nested in close proximity to other DPAS processes, resulting in maintenance and enhancement efforts to be difficult and in some instances it adds more risk than there needs to be of breaking other processes when a change is introduced. To address these issues, DPAS is proposes to centralized the DLMS logic into a standalone service. This technical  change will standardized the DLMS processing and logic with increased use of schema XSDs.
    Design / develop a standalone DLMS Micro Service with a dedicated Database that interfaces with DPAS modules that utilize DLMS transactions.  The initial DLMS Micro Service will support the inbounding of the DLMS 846D, 846P, 846R, and 846S. There will be future SCRs submitted to support additional DLMS transaction sets.
    Mission Critical:
    DPAS Tech Refresh - DLMS
    Reduces the time/cost to implement DLMS changes.  This change will increase throughput.
    Frequency: Hourly
    The DLMS 846* was flagged by DPAS Functionals for the initial fielding.
    Inbound Volume, as of 1/1/2019: 184801 (846P), 497904 (846R), and 2 (846S)

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