Accounting Sheet and LockThe DPAS Accounting module is based on industry best practices. For greater security, Accounting actions can be limited to specific user roles. With DPAS Accounting, you can manage and track Real Property, Personal Property, Improvements and projects involving Construction in Progress (CIP):

DPAS Accounting includes...

  • Detailed Accounting Transactions for Receipt, transfer, update, disposal, depreciation, etc.
  • Interfaces with Accounting Systems
  • Deprecation calculations using Straight Line or Activity Based (Aircraft Only)
  • Reports generated for Trial Balance and CFO
  • Construction in Progress (or Work In Progress) tracking
  • Assets assigned to Projects which tie to Acquisition Programs
  • Asset Improvements tracked separately from End Item (Depreciates Separately)
  • Ancillary Costs assigned to Assets (Installation, Transportation, etc)
  • Real Property tracked for Financial Reporting
  • Interface to RPUID registry to retrieve data