Property Accountability Basic Module Course

Property Accountability Basic Module Course

The Property Accountability (PA) Basic Module Course is a high-level, 101-style, in person training designed to provide students with an introductory understanding of the PA module and it's fundamental capabilities.  The curriculum will highlight the core functionality of all major processes contained within the PA module as well as its user interface and navigational basics. If you are considering incorporating DPAS into your business model and would benefit from learning how the application works in more detail; or perhaps you are in the process of implementing DPAS but require more information to inform your decisions on establishing internal structure or completing the requisite conversion spreadsheets; or maybe, as a new or current user of DPAS, you would like to attend an instructor-led course to supplement what is available via our eLearning platform--this course is for you!


All of our Basic Module Courses do include student access to our Sandbox Training Environment, so that all in attendance can benefit from the opportunity to "click around" in the application and practice the skills covered throughout the class.




  1. Who should attend a Basic Module Course?
    • The Basic Module Course is designed for several audiences:
      • Those who are considering incorporating DPAS into their business model, and have had a demonstration of DPAS, but would benefit from learning how the application works in more detail.
      • Those who are preparing to implement DPAS and need additional details to make informed decisions on establishing internal structure and completing the necessary conversion spreadsheets.
      • New or current DPAS users who are unable to meet our 5-person minimum requirement.
      • New or current DPAS users who would like to attend an instructor-led course as an add-on to our independent eLearning.
  2. What is included in a Basic Module Course?
    • 101-type instruction in all major module processes.
    • Hands-on practice using our Sandbox Training Environment.
    • Q&A with one of our knowledgeable Technical Trainers.
  3. What you need to know prior to registering for a Basic Module Course?
    • Prior DPAS training is not required to attend, but it is recommended that registrants peruse the DPAS Support website to familiarize themselves with DPAS in general.  For example, the "System Solutions" dropdown menu includes DPAS Overview videos for each of the major modules.

Event Information

Event Date 08-22-2022 8:30 am
Event End Date 08-25-2022 3:30 pm
Capacity 15
Registered 12
Available Place 3
Cut off date 08-11-2022 3:30 pm
Location Leidos Training Facility

Venue Information - Leidos Training Facility

The Leidos Office houses our DPAS Training Facility and our Development Center all into one building. The DPAS team is Located on the second floor of 4530 Lena Dr. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.

Join us in one of two classrooms newly updated with 100" Instructor monitors, seating for up to 15 students per classroom with clear views of the instructor and monitor, natural lighting, and a coffee bar that will make just about any type of coffee you could ask for. 
Leidos DPAS Classroom


8:30am - 3:30pm

Day 1

Part A: Housekeeping & Support Resources

  • Introductions & Rules / Expectations
  • DPAS Support Site & eLearning Demonstrations and Discussions


Part B: Conceptual & Technical Instruction

  • DPAS General Overview / User Interface / Navigation

  • Dashboard / Actions / MyDPAS
    • [10 to 15-minute break]

  • Site Setup
    • Organizational Overview
      • Accountable UIC/UIC
    • Contracting
      • Contractor
      • Contract
    • Location
    • Address
    • Custodian 
    • [Lunch break  - 1 hour]

  • Transactional Setup
    • Document Number Range
    • Asset ID Prefix Assignment
    • Appropriation - Mass Appropriation Update
    • Cost Center
    • System ID
    • Report/Form Messages
    • [10 to 15-minute break]
  • Customization
    • User Preferences
    • Help Desk Request
    • Site/Accountable UIC Update
    • User Roles Display

8:30am - 3:30pm

Day 2

  • Property Accountability Activity Worksheet

  • Catalog
    • Stock Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Reference Publication
    • Mass Updates – Stock Number
    • [10 to 15-minute break]

  • Asset Receiving
    • Serial Assets
    • Bulk Assets
    • Higher Assemblage & Component
    • System ID Association
    • Mass Upload Receipt (Up to 500 Assets)
    • Local Due-in
    • [Lunch break – 1 hour]
  • Asset Update
    • Basic Update – Add Attachment
    • Price Update
    • Loan Update – Government Furnished Equipment
    • Stock Number Update
    • Attributes Update
    • Mass Update
    • [10 to 15-minute break]

  • UII Association
    • UII Update/Assign
    • UII Registry Query

8:30am - 3:30pm

Day 3

  • Property Accountability Activity Worksheet

  • Asset Transfer
    • Custodian Transfers
    • UIC Transfers
    • Pending Transactions – WAWF
    • Site Transfers
      • Catalog Pending
      • Manufacturer Pending
    • Forms
      • Issue to Custodian
      • 1348
    • [10 to 15-minute break]

  • Inquiries
    • Standard Query
    • Customized Query
      • Save My Queries
      • Save My Selections
      • View Inquiry Extract
      • On Your Own Practice (time permitting)
    • [Lunch break – 1 hour]
  • Reports and Forms
    • Schedule/Generate
    • Report Form Messages
    • View Reports
    • [10 to 15-minute break]

  • Asset Disposition
    • Turn In
    • Reversal
    • Transfers Outside DPAS
    • Forms
      • 1149/1150/200
      • 1348 DRMO Turn In
      • 1348 Return to Supply Activity

8:30am - 3:30pm

Day 4

  • Property Accountability Activity Worksheet

  • AIT Overview
    • Label Format
    • Print Labels
    • [10 to 15-minute break]

  • Physical Inventory
    • Inventory Management Plan
    • Generate Physical Inventory
    • Manage Physical Inventory
      • Reconciliation

  • Question / Answer Discussion

  • Classroom Survey

  • Wrap-Up


Brenda Kateluzos

Technical Trainer

Brenda is one of the newer members of the Training Team. Starting with the Help Desk team, she has been equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to understand users needs and how to relay processes with ease. Her primarily focus when training is with the Property Accountability module.

Before joining the Leidos Team, Brenda spent nearly 40 years as a technical support specialist with a major software developer for their warehousing/logistics system. Her worldwide traveling experience installing and training new customers has prepared her for her time with DPAS. She finished her tenure as a Lead End User Access and Security Support Specialist. Brenda’s recent career advancement over the last 2 years with Leidos, has her transitioning from the DPAS Help Desk to the Training Team. This approach provides an infused customer experience perspective to Brenda’s teaching format.

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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