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Our training staff offers regularly scheduled online sessions covering topics of interest to the DPAS user community. Visit this section often to view previously recorded sessions.

Select a topic below to find all the sessions related to that topic.


Updates and Announcements

  • These webinars include overviews of new DPAS releases, training announcements and notifications of important upcoming events.


Enterprise Catalog

  • These webinars include overviews of Stock Number, Manufacturer, Pending Transactions, Reference Publication, and Mass Update processes.


DPAS Security, Roles and Access

  • These webinars discuss basic security requirements, getting access to the system, levels of access, how roles work, keeping your account active and more.


Asset Management

  • These webinars cover management of assets including Internal Use Software (IUS) through processes like receiving, asset update, transfer, disposition and more.



  • These webinars discuss a general overview of GFP and how this property is managed in DPAS through Contracts and Contractors.


Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)

  • General concepts, the WAWF process and how WAWF interfaces with DPAS is discussed in these webinars.


Inventory Process

  • These webinars provide a detailed overview of automated and manual inventories in DPAS. They include how to perform an inventory and reconcile inventory results, performing custom inventories, scanner functions, and more.



  • These webinars discuss basic features of DPAS inquiry. Topics include creating inquiries, viewing, saving and exporting the results.



  • These webinars include many of the accounting functions in DPAS such as Construction in Progress (CIP), Real and Personal Property, Depreciation and Depreciation Scheduler, Cost Center, and the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI).


Maintenance & Utilization (M&U)

  • These webinars cover Asset Utilization, Utilization Exceptions Update and Warranty/Service/Subscriptions.


Warehouse Management

  • These webinars cover the Warehouse Management Module and how to perform the tasks needed to maintain an operating Warehouse.


Materiel Management (ICP)

  • These webinars cover the Materiel Management Module and how to perform the tasks needed to maintain you Inventory Control Point.



  • These webinars focus on functions related to accessing Help in the DPAS application.