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DoD Information

Defense Acquisition Portal Your one stop source for acquisition information and tools. Focuses on news, announcements, training, search function and similar services with direct links supporting DoD acquisition.
Code of Federal Regulations Searchable National Archives and Records Administration site allows access to current and archived Federal Regulations.
Department of Defense Procurement Toolbox Defense Procurement Toolbox is a collection of tools and services to help you and your organization manage, enable, and share procurement information across the Department of Defense.

Also see: Item Unique Identification (IUID) Helpdesk Information
Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) is responsible for all Contracting and Procurement policy matters including e-Business in the Department of Defense (DoD). DPAP executes that policy through the timely update of the DFARS, PGI, and 5000.1&2
Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) Unique Identification (UID) Policy Guidance Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy announcement link, documents chronicle development of the UID Policy.
Defense Security Service The Defense Security Service (DSS) is a Department of Defense (DoD) agency and supports national security and the war-fighter. DSS secures the nation's technological base, and oversees the protection of US and foreign classified information for industry and government partners, as well as delivering security education and training that supports the industrial security mission of DoD and its partner agencies.
Deputy Chief Management Officer The Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO) is the Principal Staff Assistant and advisor to the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense for matters relating to the management and improvement of integrated defense business operations. In this role, the DCMO leads the synchronization, integration, and coordination of the DoD’s business functions to ensure optimal alignment in support of the warfighting mission.
DFARS Quick Reference The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the primary document, and agency acquisition regulations. The FAR and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) applies to purchases and contracts by DoD contracting activities made in support of foreign military sales or North Atlantic Treaty Organization cooperative projects without regard to the nature or sources of funds obligated, unless otherwise specified in this regulation. The 1998 Edition of the DFARS replaces the 1991 Edition. See DFARS Change Notices for links to descriptions of all changes to the 1998 edition.
DoD Computers for Learning Program The DOD CFL program was created to provide useful IT equipment to schools and educational nonprofit organizations serving grades pre-K through 12. The DOD CFL program is designed to streamline the transfer of excess and surplus DOD IT equipment to schools.
DoD Directive 8100.02 The official website for DoD Issuance's. Directive 8100.02 establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the use of commercial wireless devices, services, and technologies in the DoD Global Information Grid (GiG).
DoD Financial Management Regulation Chapter 6 Volume 4 Prescribes the accounting standards and policy for DoD plant property and equipment (PP&E). The PP&E accounting policy is applicable to all DoD Components. Four categories of PP&E have been defined for accounting and reporting purposes. Specific guidance is contained in this Chapter for each category of PP&E (pdf file 325 KB).
DoD Financial Management Regulation DoD 7000.14-R The Search site for DoD FMR 7000.14-R, returns search results with links to pdf documents.
DoD Inspector General The Office of the Inspector General promotes integrity, accountability, efficiency, and improvement of Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, programs and operations to support the Department's mission and concerns with waste fraud and abuse of DoD property and components. The inspector general acts as the principal advisor to the secretary of defense in matters of Department fraud. DoD IG combats fraud, waste and abuse in the Department of Defense by conducting audits and investigations. In addition, the inspector general ensures that the secretary of defense and the Congress are fully informed of problems in the Department.
DoD Instruction 5000.64 Provides a comprehensive framework for DoD property accountability policies, procedures, and practices. Also, here is an Overview on why the DoDI 5000.64 was Reissued.
DoD Military Equipment Valuation Military Equipment Valuation (MEV) is a DoD-wide effort to implement Federal accounting standards requiring military equipment, including modifications and upgrades, to be treated as capitalized assets on DoD financial statements. The Department of Defense has initiated an aggressive effort to value military equipment and to develop supporting systems to meet new audit requirements.
DoD RFID News Release DoD Announces Radio Frequency Identification Policy, (RFID) technology greatly improves the management of inventory by providing hands-off processing.
DoD Supply Chain Integration Site The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Supply Chain Integration) is responsible for leading the implementation of a modern and integrated materiel supply chain process that fully supports military operational requirements. The end goal of this initiative is to promote customer confidence in the DoD logistics process by building a responsive, cost-effective capacity to provide required products and services to the Warfighter. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology addresses key DoD challenges of lacking asset visibility and transportation process inefficiency between nodes in the DoD supply chain. Alone and when combined with other AIT capabilities, RFID will become a key technology enabler for the DoD logistics business transformation by facilitating accurate, hands-free data capture within an integrated end-to-end supply chain enterprise .
FARSite Contracting Laboratory Hill AFB FAR reference site for all branches.
Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) The FASAB serves the public interest by improving federal financial reporting through issuing federal financial accounting standards and providing guidance after considering the needs of external and internal users of federal financial information..
Property and Equipment Policy The Property & Equipment Policy office is the lead OUSD(AT&L) office for general and military equipment. They support the Components in multiple areas, especially by providing Existence and Completeness testing on site for groups of major assets. After testing, feedback is provide to the Component and guidance in the preparation of assertion packages.
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Journal Article on Final Policy Guidelines The U.S. Department of Defense has issued its final policy guidelines regarding requirements for suppliers to put RFID tags on shipments of pallets, cases and high-value individual items.
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) OUSD(C) Provides all of the information needed to understand the budget and financial management policy of the Department of Defense. In addition to budget numbers, justification materials, and performance measures you will also find information about the Department's ongoing effort to improve efficiency and accountability.
Under Secretary of Defense Policy Forecast for Property Management and Accountability Under Secretary of Defense Policy Forecast for Property Management and Accountability, dated September 23, 2005. (1185KB)
Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) DoD IssuancesThe DoD Directives Program provides for the uniform development, processing, approval, publication, and review of DoD Directives, Instructions, Manuals, Directive-Type Memorandums, and Administrative Instructions. These publications, collectively referred to as "DoD issuance's," are the means for the Department of Defense to convey its policies, responsibilities, and procedures.

DLA Information

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Management Standards Office This page is DLA official source for all procurement related regulations and includes the Defense Logistics Acquisition Directive. Publications reference library for DoD Directives, DoD Instructions and DoD Publications.
Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services. DLA Disposition Services (formerly known as the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service) is part of the Defense Logistics Agency. Their mission is to anticipate needs and deliver great performance to our customers through the reuse, transfer, donation, sale or disposal of excess property. They provide procedures for communicating requirements, moving material, and performing the other tasks that ensure the continuing operation of DoD's logistics system.

GAO Information

General Accounting Office (GAO) FFMIA Report Financial Management (FFMIA) Implementation Critical for Federal Accountability (pdf file 667 KB).
GAO Property Management Systems Requirements Checklist Checklist for reviewing systems under the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act (pdf file 173 KB)
Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP) Property Management Systems Requirements Document one of a series of functional documents published by Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP) on Federal financial management system requirements (pdf file 286 KB).

Army Information

AFARS Quick Reference Indexed quick reference of the Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFARS).
Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement The Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFARS) implements and supplements the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Department of Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) to establish uniform policies for Army acquisition.
Army Regulation 710-2 Army Regulation 710-2 contains Supply Policy below the National Level (pdf file 905 KB).
Army Regulation 735-5 Army Regulation 735-5 contains Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability (pdf file 3,277 KB).
Department of the Army Publications and Forms Official Department of the Army Publications and Forms. Official Department of Army (DA) publications and forms are managed by the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) under the direction of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (AASA). The Army uses the latest publishing technologies to produce high quality, enhanced, electronic publications and forms. This is the latest collection of electronic Army publications and DA forms.
Installation Materiel Management Center Supply Training Handbook The Logisticians Supply Training Handbook will introduce and describe the most important codes applicable to Army units and Supply Support Activities. It will also depict some of the most basic forms associated with Army supply. It is meant to assist Army supply personnel, both military and civilians, at the Corps level and below.

Navy Information

Navy DPAS Homepage Provides detailed information pertaining to Naval property management. The Navy PP&E Management Support Team is the first point of contact for Navy sites needing help with DPAS and customer service inquiries.
NMCARS Quick Reference Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement (NMCARS). Indexed quick reference of the NMCARS. The new NMCARS replaces the NAPS. The NCMARS has been streamlined to reduce its content and focus principally on mandatory policies and procedures, including delegations of authority and assignment of responsibilities.

Marine Corps Information

Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps Plans, Policies, and Operations Department The Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations (DC, PP&O) performs a dual mission. Serves as the focal point for the interface between the Marine Corps and the joint and combined activities of the JCS and the unified Commanders-in-Chief, and various allied and other foreign Defense agencies. Responsible for coordinating the development and execution of service plans and policies related to the structure, deployment, and employment of Marine Corps forces in general.
Marine Corps Logistics Command Logistics Command is the Marine Corps' Operational Logistics solution for fielded weapons systems and support services and supplies, with a Warfighter focus. Acting primarily as a solutions integrator, we enhance the Marine Corps’ ability to execute and sustain its war fighting competency.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms web page links to an indexed (pdf file 768 KB).