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The DPAS application is a role based system. This means the users functionality and/or visibility within DPAS depends on the roles assigned. When determining the appropriate user roles, a selection can be made from the preexisting roles or if necessary a new role can be custom tailored to meet your needs.

These roles are categorized by type:

Property AccountabilityProperty Accountability
Roles are used to manage life cycle events for accountable and non-accountable property within the DPAS application. Roles range from:

  • Agency Coordinator: Responsible for some of the database setup
  • Accountable Property Officer (APO): Responsible for overall life cycle management
  • Custodian: Limited responsibilities and accesses


Maintenance & UtilizationMaintenance & Utilization
These roles manage maintenance related processes and the recording of utilization. Roles range from:

  • M&U Officer: Responsible for maintaining the Maintenance Activity and associated processes
  • M&U Specialist: Responsible for the creation and maintenance of Work Orders
  • M&U Dispatch Officer: Responsible for the setup of necessary prerequisite information and the creation of Dispatches.
  • M&U Dispatch Specialist: Responsible for Dispatching assets and tracking utilization. 
  • M&U Data Inquiry: Responsibilities limited to the initiation of inquiries that return information within M&U processes
  • M&U Reports and Forms Generation: Responsibilities limited to the export and viewing of pre-defined outputs for the M&U module



WarehouseWarehouse Management
The roles for the Warehouse Management module allow for a variety of access levels necessary to establish and maintain a warehouse. The roles limit access to various processes within the Warehouse Management module allowing only the access necessary to complete needed tasks. Roles range from:

  • Warehouse Officer: Responsible for maintaining all aspects of the Warehouse
  • Site Manager: In charge of maintaining the day-to-day operations of a Warehouse
  • Line Clerk: Responsible for Individual and Unit issues and Returns
  • Cataloger: Responsible for maintaining the Catalog used by all Warehouses within a Logistics Program



Account ManagementAccount Management
These roles are strictly limited to those individuals responsible for managing DPAS User Accounts. Roles assigned are granted at the Enterprise level which allows management of all user accounts within DPAS.