Image of Application package with magnifying glass and a check markOverall Verification - Information Owner (IO)

  • Verifies all completed sections
  • Signs form

DPAS Review - DPAS Account Management

Verifies existence of all required forms

  • Reviews each form for correctness
  • Addresses form corrections with IO
  • Enters the user into DPAS


  • User and signing IO will receive automated email notification of account creation


After you have completed the forms, you must submit the full application package to the Information Owner (IO) for your agency. If you do not know who your IO is, contact the DPAS Support Help Desk for guidance.

The IO will complete the package with a final verification and review. The package is then uploaded to the appropriate site for the DPAS Account Management team to process. This office ensures the existence of all required forms and verifies they are completed properly. If not, the forms are returned for correction. If the forms are complete and correct, the user account is created.

New users receive an email automatically sent by the DPAS ( server at the time the account is created and signing IO is CC’d. This email contains the URL for DPAS and the user’s information to include User Id and roles assigned and assignment level. Also included at the bottom of the email is the User Access Policy, please review and be familiar with the aging parameters of your DPAS account.


New users have 35 days to complete the initial login process. If the user does not meet this requirement then the account is suspended and deleted on day 180 of inactivity. After the initial login process you must log into DPAS at least once every 35 days, or you will need to contact the DPAS Support Help Desk to be reset.

If the account remains inactive for 180 days, you will be removed from the system and must submit all new paperwork if the form signatures on file are not within a year.