DPAS SCR: 01978

  • SCR Number
  • Title
    Non-serialized WAWF AS receipts
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
  • State
  • History
    Submitted 12/11/2023
  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    Currently the PIEE WAWF AS 856 (new procurement receipt) does not contain a serial nbr when there is no UII included by the vendor.  When DPAS initially developed the interface, the decision was made to not display WAWF AS Receipts that do not have a serial nbr.  This design has worked well for the DPAS customer base.  With increased use of DPAS, there are several customers that wish to see the WAWF receipts that do not contain a serial nbr within the property accountability application.  Note:  DPAS does display non-serizlied WAWF AS receipts within its Warehouse application.
    Provide for PIEE new procurement receipts sent via the WAWF AS 856 transactions that do not contain the UII loop to be shown as a Due In within the DPAS PA application as an organizational option.  Recommend DPAS incorporate a UIC Setting that will provide the UIC the option to view / not view WAWF AS 856 receipts that do not contain a serial nbr.  This change will retain the current capability for the organizations that do not want to see WAWF AS 856 receipts that do not contain a serial nbr and will provide the capability for organizations that want to view all receipts (serial and non-serial).
    Mission Critical:
    Provide the DPAS customer with visibility of non-UII/non-serialized WAWF receipts.
    Users will be able to receipt for a wider variety of assets into PA.  
    Frequency: Daily