DPAS SCR: 01980

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  • Title
    Update Legacy UII DoDAAC
  • DPAS Module
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  • History
    Submitted 12/18/2023
  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    The DPAS UII assignment process utilizes NAVSUP BSC's DoDAAC for the standard DPAS application.  NAVSUP's BSC's DoDAAC was used due to the need to ensure uniqueness in the UII assignment process.  With DPAS having gotten their own DoDAAC, there is a requirement to use DPAS's as NAVSUP BSC is no longer involved withe DPAS, thus there is not a good way to ensure this DoDAAC isn't used used by another system to assign UIIs
    1. Update the DPAS System Setting table in prod to utilize the DPAS DoDAAC of "SC0010" and reset the last serial nbr used to 1.  
    2. Review DPAS processes to ensure there is nothing hard coded to use N00367 - uspAssetKeyValidation.sql, WPHRI01IUIDInterface.vb, AssetUpdate_LoanBL.vb,WPSAB15AssetTransfer.vb
    3. Determine if an environment variable should be implemented to support standalone sites for the above processes so the correct DoDAAC is used in these programs.
    Mission Critical:
    This change updates the Agency DoDAAC used to assign the UII.
    Standardizes the DoDAAC that DPAS uses for UII assignment rather than using an organization's DODAAC no longer supporting DPAS.
    Frequency: Daily
    This change impacts all customers that have a need to assign a UII to an asset within PA or WM.