DPAS SCR: 01983

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  • Title
    Tool Accountability
  • DPAS Module
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  • History
    Submitted 01/22/2024
  • Description
    Change Request: New System Process

    Problem: The current state of DPAS M&U lacks a crucial feature that hinders effective tool accountability for units. The absence of a dedicated tool accountability mechanism creates challenges in tracking and managing tools within the system. This enhancement aims to streamline the process of tracking tools across units, ensuring better visibility, control, and overall efficiency in tool management within the DPAS M&U system.
    Solution is to implement a mirroring of the Warehouse Module's tool accountability features into the M&U module. This involves replicating the robust tool tracking mechanisms present in the Warehouse Module and integrating them seamlessly into the M&U module.
    Mission Critical:
    AFI 21-101 CH 8.5 Tool Accountability and Serviceability. Flight CC/SUPT and Section NCOICs/Chiefs,
    through CTK Custodians, are responsible for tool and equipment accountability and control
    (knowing where tools are and who has responsibility for them). When a person signs for a tool or
    piece of equipment, they are considered the user and accountable for the item until it is returned
    to the tool room and accountability transfers back to the CTK Custodian (through a representative
    or tool room employee).
    Enhanced Accountability: Improved tracking reduces the risk of tool loss or misplacement.
    Unified System: Standardized tool tracking practices promote cohesion across DPAS.
    Streamlined Operations: Familiar functionalities minimize the learning curve and enhance efficiency.
    Real-Time Visibility: Synchronization ensures up-to-date information on tool status and location.
    Improved Reporting: Access to advanced reporting and analysis capabilities for better insights.
    User Empowerment: Enriched features empower users in tool tracking and management.
    Reduced Errors: Standardization minimizes data entry errors and duplications.
    Adaptability: Scalable solution accommodates future changes in tool tracking requirements.
    Frequency: Daily
    This improvement will be used by all users,  hundreds of times a day.