DPAS SCR: 01984

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  • Title
    Physical inventory for Asset ID in WM
  • DPAS Module
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  • History
    Submitted 01/23/2024
  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    CNIC does not have label printers available at their installations for the printing of an Inventory Control Number (ICN) label. As an alternative, they have purchase Asset Id labels that are affixed to the item at time of receipt.  DPAS WM provides for the capture of the Asset Id, pRFID, UII, Serial Nbr as well as generating an ICN as a method for identifying an item in inventory.  Their plan was to use the Asset Id label for conducting PIs.  The problem is DPAS WM doesn't currently support the scan of the Asset Id as PA does.  All of the other identifying options except for Asset Id are available in WM for identifying items in inventory.  This SCR is requesting DPAS include the Asset Id as an option for identifying an item when conducting and when reconciling a physical inventory in WM.  
    Have the DPAS WM application include Asset Id as a method for identifying an item when conducting a physical inventory
    Mission Critical:
     Provides a way to label items with "purchased" labels when no label printers are available to the organization.   Provides a standard method for conducting physical inventories between PA and WM.
    Frequency: Daily
    The SCR applies to all users of the DPAS WM application that do not have label printers to print identifying tags.  This provides them a way to label and asset and conduct PIs using the label.