DPAS SCR: 01987

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    M&U Attachments
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    Change Request: Policy/ Regulatory

    Problem: The current state of DPAS M&U lacks the ability to effectively retrieve attachments for audit purposes, such as dispatch/vehicle logs, receipts, and maintenance records for vehicles. This function doesn't allow the agency to pull desired attachments that are attached within the M&U module for inspection or investigative purposes. The correction of this defect will ensure agencies are able to store documents for audit purposes and allow agencies to comply with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements.
    Solution is to implement the attachment process that's currently utilized by the PA module. Attachments are allowed to be added in the M&U module, but you're not able to see all attachments for the asset. Currently, each dispatch has to be referenced to view or retrieve all attachments relating to the asset.
    Mission Critical:
    General Records Schedule (GRS) 5-4-010 or File 207 (DAA-0064-2015-0003 item 1); GRS 5-4-110
    Compliance with General Records Schedule (GRS) and National Archive Records Administration (NARA) requirements. General Records Schedules (GRS) are schedules issued by the Archivist of the United States that authorize, after specified periods of time, the destruction of temporary records or the transfer to the National Archives of the United States of permanent records that are common to several or all agencies.
    Frequency: Daily
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