DPAS SCR: 01988

  • SCR Number
  • Title
    Locate Last Accountable Serialized Item Entry (LLASIE)
  • DPAS Module
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  • State
  • History
    Submitted 02/08/2024
  • Description
    Change Request: Policy/ regulatory

    OSD has changed how it supports information requests for Small Arms / Light Weapons (SAs/LWs).  Currently DoD requires components to report their SAs/LWs to a DoD service registry with that data being forwarded to the designated sponsoring service (Army) to create a DoD Registry.  When requests for information is received, the Army queries the registry for info, then responds to the request.  From an OSD perspective, this is the sole purpose of the SA/LW registries.  In 2022, they directed the Army to eliminate the SA/LW registries and to treat SAs/LWs just like any other supply item - i.e.  use logistics transactions to respond to the information requests.  As a result, the Army has developed Application Program Interfaces (APIs) referred to as "Locate Last Accountable Serialized Item Entry" (LLASIE).  Its design does not limit the requests for information to SAs/LWs.  The design provides for finding any item within the Department.  
    An Army LDAC representative will input criteria into LLASIE.  LLASIE will contain a master list of Accountable Property Systems of Record (APSRs) which will be used to direct the request for information via an API.  When the APSR receives the request for information, it will interrogate its data using the criteria provided by LLASIE to prepare a response. When the data has been gathered, the APSR will transmit a response to LLASIE via an API.  The info that LLASIE may request may reside within DPAS's Property Accountability and Warehouse Management applications.   DPAS will need to create a repository that is capable of storing the  request and the response.   The system should be designed in a way that these requests/responses will be auto removed after x period of time (system level variable).  Visibility of the requests / responses should be made available to the DPAS User via a DPAS Role.  A separate SCR will be developed to remove the DPAS Registry application should it be determined that there is no reuse of it. Feeding data to / from the Registry application may cease when the Army has approved the DPAS implementation / fielding of this SCR and endorsed by the DPAS PM.  
    Mission Critical:
    OSD eliminated the DLMS SA/LW transactions sets / reporting, and replaced the SA/LW registries with LLASIE.
    This changes eliminates the requirement for a SA/LW registry and implements DLMS change ADC 1244 and it amendments.
    Frequency: Weekly
    This change is an OSD directed change. It impact all customers.