DPAS SCR: 01990

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    Additional Trading Partner fields for DAI
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    Change Request: Policy regulatory

    DPAS controls display and edits of key accounting fields based upon the accounting interface system that is to receive the data.  The display/edits business rules are developed in concert with the accounting system and are documented in the interface control document.  Today, DAI is not receiving the Trading Partner Department Cd, Trading Partner Basic Symbol or the Trading Partner Subhead which MDA, and agency supported by DAI states are mandatory fields to feed DFAS's DDRS (Defense Departmental Reporting System).   As a result, they must gather this data for each transferred/disposed asset, correct their DDRS submission errors manually.
    DAI and DPAS are modifying the Interface Control Document interface strategy documents to state these fields are required. This SCR is to document the change to the DPAS system.
    Mission Critical:
    DDRS / Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) reporting rules require these fields to be included in the DDRS submission.
    Eliminates errors in the agency's report submission to DRRS which requires the agency to collect the data and manually update the submission when the data can be collected systematically as part of the transfers / disposition of the asset.  
    Frequency: Daily

    All agencies/users that are using DAI as their accounting system.