DPAS SCR: 01995

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  • Title
    Add Issue DoDAAC and Mfr Part Data to Inquiries
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  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    Currently there is no "one" way to pull up a complete ICN Inventory or Inventory Activity  with all required data.    Currently have to use multiple reports and inquiries to obtain all contract required data and then blend it into one report.  Items not easily found are MFR Part # (ICN and Activity), Issue DODDAC (Activity).  Inquiries also allows to research multiple days of activity  were the Pre-canned reports only allows for a single day which require multiple reports and then have to compile the reports together.  Additionally, all MFR Part # and Model # is created for each Stock Number.  However there is NO inquiry or report that provides this data in relation to the warehouses activities.  Part # or Model # has to be hand typed into every report to show all data related to the activity. IF DPAS Stores this data, and WebFLIS, can provide this data or it is typed in by the user, why can't we use it for reports and inquiries?  Same applies to the Issuing DODAC.  Its part of the "activity" it should be selectable, not just the Owning DODDAC, which is already known as it is the warehouse creating the report
    At a minimum the following data should be made available (selectable, not default) to the ICN Inventory or Inventory Activity inquiries:
    MFR Part # (ICN and Activity)
    Issue DODDAC (Activity)
    Additionally the following fields would also be nice to have fro a higher clarification the inquiries
    DODDAC Address 1 (Activity)
    Mission Critical:
    NAVSEA Contract N00024-22-C-5231
    SECNAVINST 5200.44
    Elimination of excess labor costs.
    Concise reporting capability via DPAS.  
    reduction of possible errors in reporting due to merging of data
    Frequency: Daily
    Est user: Unk (DPAS Wide).  within our DODDAC(s) - 12