Inspection Checklist Tab under Sub Work Order

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    Inspection Checklist Tab under Sub Work Order
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  • DPAS Module
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    Submitted: 27 April 2022
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    DPAS does not incorporate inspection checklists into Sub Work Orders when the Work Plan Type Cd is set as INSP-Quality Control Inspection. Currently Inspection checklists documents completion is on PDF outside DPAS and then added to the work order using the attachment function. User must view checklists under the work order's attachment tab and does not link directly to the associated work plans. Additionally, DPAS does not allow multiple sub work orders with Work Plan Type Cd of INSP-Quality Control Inspection.
    Add checklist tab to the sub work order when using an INSP-Quality Control Inspection work plan. Enables user to accomplish and document the checklist within DPAS, linking directly to the work plan. Additionally, create a function when adding the work plan allowing user to program checklist items needed for the work plan. Finally, enable user to add multiple sub work orders with inspections under one work order.
    Mission Critical:
    Critical. There are several inspections mandated by Air Force Instructions, DoD Instructions, and other federal regulations. Completing these checklist ensures safety and serviceability of the asset and critical to mission readiness.
    This change reduces task time by eliminating the need to bring an external documents into DPAS and attaching document to a maintenance record. Improves data accuracy by directly linking the checklist to the work plan and eliminates human interpretation where the checklist applies.
    This enhancement will affect all M&U users, USAF and other DoD agencies.

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