DPAS SCR: 01784

  • SCR Number
  • Title
    Update Maint Schedule every X days
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
    Air Force
  • State
  • History
    Submitted: 24 June 2022
  • Description
    When setting up a recurring Maintenance Schedule as every X days the system only allows for up to three digits (1-999), however some users have inspections over 999 days. By policy, inspections based on months or years may be completed any time in the month due. Inspections based on # of days must be completed by the specific due date. The system allows a # of years scheduling method, but not a # of days method for intervals beyond 999 days.
    Update the system to allow up to four digits i.e (1-9999)
    Mission Critical:
    Mandated. Inspection requirements are mandated by the applicable Technical Data.
    Permit scheduling and documentation of Inspection and Schedules for Aviation Support Equipment with # of Days inspections with intervals greater than 999 days.
    All users that possess equipment with inspection cycles longer than 999 days.
    Completed – Release 2023.2.2 – 21 April 2023