DPAS SCR: 01786

  • SCR Number
  • Title
    Failed Event Monitoring
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
  • State
  • History
    Submitted: 13 July 2022
  • Description
    DPAS currently tracks failed Events within the DPAS Administration module. When DPAS Admin personnel review the failed event, there currently is no capability to record that the failed event has been reviewed, or what action(s) are being taken / have been taken to resolve the issue.
    For audit and management purposes there is a need for the capability to record what action(s) are being / have been taken to resolve the failed event, and to be able to associate the Work Item(s) that have been created to correct the issue.
    Mission Critical:
    It is critical for DPAS admins to track and resolve DPAS failed events to ensure the system is operating as designed.
    It is critical for DPAS admins be able to monitor failed events through resolution to ensure processing is complete.
    This SCR is applicable to DPAS Administration personnel
    Completed - Release 2022.2.1 - 9 September 2022