DPAS SCR: 01789

  • SCR Number
  • Title
    Modification to utilization reporting requirement
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
  • State
  • History
    Submitted: 22 July 2022
  • Description
    M&U presently sets a 30-day utilization reporting requirement for assets subject to utilization reporting. However, utilization reporting for most AF support equipment is only accomplished when the asset is brought in for maintenance, and this is often greater than every 30 days. Additionally, equipment in storage or WRM status may only be inspected annually. With ~100K AF SE assets in M&U, this drives an enormous manpower effort to simply reflect that there was no utilization during the 30 day period.
    Add ability on MAM Update screen to designate assets as not requiring a specified utilization reporting period (no 30-day requirement). This would allow users to exempt applicable equipment from recurring utilization reporting requirement (30-days) presently required by M&U.
    Mission Critical:
    Not mission critical, but it is a significant, unnecessary manpower reqt. 100K assets x 2 minutes per asset to reflect no utilization = 3,300 manhours expended per month across the AF. Reporting utilization for SE is NOT mandated by any AF or DoD policy. Our interim solution is to ignore the Meter Util Not Rptd link, but that's not an acceptable long term solution.
    Reduces time, manpower cost, and improves accuracy by allowing users to focus on documenting maintenance properly.
    All AF SE M&U users.