DPAS SCR: 01790

  • SCR Number
  • Title
    Add Type L Stock Item Type
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
  • State
  • History
    Submitted: 22 July 2022
  • Description
    Currently there is no Stock Item Type Cd = 'L - Local' in the DPAS Catalog. Local Stock Numbers are currently cataloged as Type 'J - MCN', and for a Local Stock Number, the Type J business rules are ignored, allowing users to enter a stock number with a more flexible format. But they are still categorized as a Type J – MCN stock item type. DPAS users have expressed a desire for a true 'Local' Stock Item Type Code that can be used to format stock numbers to meet their individual agency business needs. Adding Type ‘L – Local’ stock
    Add a Type ‘L – Local’ stock item type code that will appear as an option during stock number add process and stock number searches where applicable in DPAS (including browse modals and search criteria); Convert existing non-conforming Type J stock numbers to Type L stock numbers in DPAS catalog Stock Nbr table. Establish a single Regx value in all catalogs for the L type Stock Nbr at time of startup allowing agencies to request a change in the Regx value when they are ready.
    Mission Critical:

    The DLMS change in DPAS Release 2022 that enables DPAS to support the CAGE/Mfr Part Nbr type Stock Nbrs in excess of 15 characters also includes the capability to support the Local Stock Nbr type.

    The change enables the processing Stock Nbr data using defined DoD methodologies for defining the the different types of Stock Nbrs. As a result of this change it should improve user accuracy in categorization and formatting of the different DoD stock number types.
    This change will primarily impact users who are involved with cataloging.
    Completed – Release 2022.3 – 04 November 2022