DPAS SCR: 01791

  • SCR Number
  • Title
    Mobile Individual Issue-Return Capability
  • DPAS Module
  • Reporting Organization
  • State
    In Progress
  • History
    Submitted: 27 July 2022
  • Description
    Currently the DPAS-WM does not have an Issue and return capability that could be used from an individuals own phone vice having to go to issue counter to create a pick list and begin individual issue process.
    commend that an issue and return capability be developed with the following requirements: 1. DPAS customer phone issue capability should be developed by using a QR code. 2. QR code should be developed to allow customer to select the correct master issue list. 3. Master Issue list should populate on customer's phone with the quantities and locations highlighted in red. 4. When an individual selects an item the red highlight will turn to green letting the individual know they have selected that item. 5. Individual should not be able to select more than the Master Issue list Quantity. 6. Once an issue is complete a barcode or QR should appear so it can be easily scanned into DPAS-WM issue screen so the items can be signed for by customer. 7. Customer phone return capability will need to use the same QR code created during the issue process. 8. Ability to mark and highlight items the individual is returning. 9. Once the return is complete a barcode or QR should appear so it can be easily scanned into DPAS-WM return screen all items that the individual chose to return should be checked so the items could be easily returned and turn in receipt generated for customer.
    Mission Critical:
    Yes, This will help alleviate individuals from having to wait in long lines to start the issue and return process and also help with service times.
    Having this functionality will be extremely helpful in reducing wait and service times to the individuals.
    All IIF
    Partially Completed – Release 2023.2.4 – 19 May 2023
    Partially Completed – Release 2023.2.6 – 06 June 2023 
    Partially Completed – Release 2023.3.3 – 11 August 2023