Optical Character Recognition

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    Optical Character Recognition
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    Submitted: 05 August 2022
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    Currently the USMC is using a non-accredited software to do Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR uses a high resolution picture of of a numeric characters to 'recognize' the intended numbers without having to manually key them in. This is primarily being used to read serial numbers of weapons as part of the receiving process. The current process tries to match serial numbers through recognition against a known set of serial numbers. The software allows the user to set confidence thresholds and when an item does not meet that threshold, it asks the uses to confirm the suggested match. We believe that DPAS can provide a better product that seamlessly provides a better service and is fully accredited for the USMC environment. Recommend DPAS provide an OCR-like capability in certain warehouse/AIT processes to improve inventory accuracy, audit capability, and process time consumption.
    Recommend adding OCR functionality during the receipt and picking processes. 1. Adding OCR capability during the receipt process will increase inventory accuracy during "birthing" process of the inventory into DPAS. Recommend adding an OCR capability during the verify portion during the receipt process. Should have the ability to add ICN to the verified grid or verify serial numbers that are already in the grid if the due in came with expected serial number. 2. Once receipt is completed, the OCR verified picture should be attached to the asset that is viewable. This way users can verify system serial number matches the OCR picture that was taken at the time. 3. The pick processes should allow you to add inventory to picks with an OCR capability. Once a pick plan is created, the use should be able to conduct picking actions with OCR capability and add the serial numbers to the pick. This will allow receipt stows and MRO pick to be conducted more accurately and efficiently. 4. There needs to be functionality to change the OCR picture that is attached to an asset. This is required in case the data plate or NSN is changed.
    Mission Critical:
    Yes, in order to do a weapons warehouse Proof of Principle (PoP) this functionality will be required in order to not lose current functionality. This functionality would benefit ALL DPAS customers.
    Implementing an OCR capability will improve inventory accuracy, accountability, audibility, and increase warehouse efficiency.
    This will affect all users of WM who are interested in using OCR capability with AIT devices

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