DPAS SCR: 01794

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    Due And Status File Report
  • DPAS Module
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  • History
    Submitted: 09 August 2022
  • Description
    Currently DPAS-WM does not generate a Due and Status File. So we are unable to see the Supply Status history and Estimated Shipping Dates for Requisitions. Currently we are having to use multiple websites to get this information.
    Recommend that a Due and Status file report be created so we are able to all requisitioned document related transactions to include supply status, estimated shipping dates and supply status history. (Please see attached example of what the Due and Status file should look like). This should be a report that has parameters where it can be pulled at any tier with time dates that filter on requisition date. Report should be available to pull in CSV or Excel formats. This report should also be available in the Inventory Control Point module.
    Mission Critical:
    Yes, having this report will reduce time from having to search multiple websites for supply statuses and history. This would also increase audit readiness. Currently we have no way to see in DPAS the Unit price charges for each transaction, which is a USMC audit requirement.
    This will help reduce time and improves the accuracy, audibility, and reporting of the requisition supply statuses.
    All IIF & UIF
    Marked Done - Change Request satisfied via other system updates per Rick McMillan 16 March 2023