DPAS to NAVAIR Data Interface

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    DPAS to NAVAIR Data Interface
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  • DPAS Module
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    Navy: NAVAIR
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  • History
    Submitted 12/20/2022
  • Description
    Change Request: Process Improvement

    Currently NAVAIR (Command Property Office) receives a monthly file from DPAS and manually processes the data
    We would like to either set up a direct data feed to DPAS where we can pull a weekly table of the requested data fields or set up a weekly file drop of the requested fields to our server so we can use our extraction tool to import the data into our data warehouse.
    Mission Critical:
    Our goal is to automate this data transfer for the Command Property Office at NAVAIR to minimize man hours and increase efficiency.
    This will minimize man hours spent processing these files and improves accuracy when analyzing the data for the end user. The DPAS data is being used for monthly inventory scorecards. The value of inventory is being visualized in Qlik for monthly and yearly trend and is also used for POG Billings to PMAs by the CPO. It will also be used for our warehouse consolidation effort and COOPER storage locations updates.
    Frequency: Weekly
    20+ users but we hope for that to grow once the way we process this data becomes easier.

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