DLMS ASC 1428 (856S Transaction Type Code AZ)

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    DLMS ASC 1428 (856S Transaction Type Code AZ)
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  • DPAS Module
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    Submitted 01/11/2023
  • Description
    Change Request: Policy/ Regulatory

    The DLMS Approved Standards Change (ASC) 1428 eliminates the use of the DLMS 856W and incorporates the functionality within the DLMS 856S Implementation Convention.  DPAS requires a change to the generation of the DLMS 856S Shipment Status to support the turn in of Hazardous Materiel that is identified with in DLMS ASC 1428.
    Add new Transaction Type Code to the DLMS 856S generation process: AZ (Disposal Shipment Advice) - Use to indicate this transaction provides Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste shipment status information for turn-in of material to DLA Disposition Services.  In addition to supporting the new Transaction Type Code, DPAS will need to incorporate the additional elements required for this transaction type within the DLMS 856S transaction.
    Mission Critical:
    Required for the submission / notification of a shipment of materiel to DLA Disposition Services.
    Frequency: Daily
    DPAS generates DLMS 856S from the following applications:  Property Accountability, Warehouse Management and Materiel Management.   No research has been conducted to determine how many user are turning in materiel that is classified as being Hazardous.

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