Advanced Functions

DPAS can meet your needs through advanced functionality such as catalog setup and management, Agency and site specific customization, asset maintenance, contracts and customizable data inquiries.

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Use catalog Stock Numbers to maintain the common characteristics of a type of asset for an entire site.

  • One Stock Number per type of asset
  • Track LIN/TAMCN
  • Demilitarization Needs
  • Hazardous and Sensitivity Requirements
  • IT Device Type (CPU, Printer, Monitor, etc)
  • Interface with FEDLOG
  • Multiple Manufacturer/Part Number records per stock number
  • Authorization Tracking
  • LIN/TAMCN grouping
  • Flexibility of control at Stock Number level (None, Command, Local)

Master Data:

Customize DPAS to meet your needs using advanced features in Master Data.

  • Establish Agency Settings
  • Build Asset Id Prefixes
  • Set up UIC information
  • Build Contractor and Contract Information
  • Set up Document Number Ranges
  • Review Batch Activity processes within the system

Government Furnished Property (GFP)

Custom support is built in for GFP with Contract and Contractor setup.

  • Loan GFP from the Government to a Contractor
  • Return GFP from a Contractor to the Government
  • Transfer GFP between Contractors
  • Reassign GFP between Contracts within the same Contractor

Data Inquiry:

Create customizable queries for your data and export your results.

  • View data by Agency pre-defined criteria
  • Determine user defined filters
  • Export data into Excel or PDF formats
  • Save filter criteria for frequent use
  • Print results