February 23
Effective Date: 2024-02-23

This release includes System Change Requests and corrects program deficiencies identified by the user community. Please review the feature and bug list below for a full listing of changes in this release.

System Changes



Helpdesk Tickets / Bugs Fixed

Ticket Nbr Module Details
98118 Maintenance & Utilization AZWSVWSP066 - AvSE: ILS-S Requisition page issue/Work Order ID leading 0 being dropped
There is an Integrated Logistics Support-Supply Requisition page issue causing the Work Order Identifier to drop the leading 0.

The generated Job Control Numbers are now the correct length when generated prior to 10 April (100 day).
102881 Maintenance & Utilization WPMAN04 - AvSE: DPAS User ID's not populating in Op/Tech AUD dropdown
The DPAS User Identifiers are not populating in the Operator/Technician Add/Update/Delete dropdown.

The code enhancement is put in place to add security for the user at the Equipment Pool Tier Level. The User Name populates in the Operator/Technician Add/Update/Delete User Identifier drop down list. 
102446 Maintenance & Utilization WPMAN10 - DLA: Utilization Measure Code issues in M&U MAM and PA Asset Inquiry
There are Utilization Measure Code issues in the Maintenance and Utilization Maintenance Asset Master and the Property Accountability Asset Inquiry.

The Federal Automotive Statistical Tool assets that have Miles or Kilometers can be overridden and switched from one to the other. This only applies to Utilization Code M or K, but previously the algorithm did not discriminate against other codes. This was previously corrected, but the data already entered was not corrected. This fix is for the data. It removes the M/K override Utilization Codes and defaults them back to the Utilization Code set on the Stock Number.
102597 Maintenance & Utilization WPMAN12 - VSCOS: Issue opening WO for asset in FF2HQ0/176 LRS KULIS
There is an issue when opening a Work Order for an asset in FF2HQ0/176 LRS KULIS.

The Work Order is enabled to open regardless of whether the Point of Contact Panel Data fields on the Asset Identifier are setup, filled in completely, or filled in partially. 
103801 Maintenance & Utilization WPMAN12 - VSCOS: Post 24.1.3 release Svc End Dt req'd issue with saving & voiding WOs
There is a Service End Date requirement issue when saving and voiding Work Orders after the 24.1.3 Release.

When a priority code is selected that puts the Subordinate Work Order's Service End Date in the future, it automatically sets the Service End Date to today. This same issue now works properly when a Work Order is voided.
91878 Maintenance & Utilization WPMAN45 - VSCOS: Attempted Asset Next Util Qty change not staying permanent in 366 LRS Mountain Home
The attempted Asset Next Utilization Quantity change is not staying permanent in 366 LRS Mountain Home.

The attempted Asset Next Utilization Quantity change is staying permanent. 
101255 Property Accountability User ran the Custodian Asset Authorization Report and same serial nbr appears twice
There is a duplicate Serial Number issue in the Hand Receipt Report.

The Serial Numbers are no longer duplicated in the Primary Hand Receipt Report.
85289 Property Accountability WPHRN53 - pending trans - User is completing a do in receipt transaction from IRAPT and inventory by serial nbr is greyed out.
The Inventory by Serial Number is not selectable.

The Inventory by Serial Number is available for selection from a Serialized Due-In.
104112 Warehouse LMMSN01 - Materiel Return AUD / 83 - Unexpected error encountered, contact DPAS Call Center for assistance.
An 83 error returns when duplicate Materiel Return Requests are entered.

DPAS can now properly identify duplicate requests, and presents a more appropriate message to the user.
91092 Warehouse LPWHN20 - Container AUD / 83 error encountered in container delete attempt in CS PD TDME (ASA ALT 91092)
The user receives a critical error when attempting to delete a container.

The appropriate message now presents when issues are found with the delete process.
87706 Warehouse LPWHN30 - Stock Item Individual Issue Location / Issue trying to edit established Stock Item Indiv Issue Location (NBG-2 87706)
A validation message shows that does not allow the user to move an asset to a new location through the Inventory Update.

Updating the Location works properly so the error is not thrown. This confirms the Location Condition Code default record is updated to the new location. 
Deleting the Stock Item Individual Issue Location entirely works properly so the error is not thrown. This confirms the Location Condition Code default record is removed.
103806, 103813 Warehouse LPWHN34 - Unit Issue / Unable to conduct Unit Issues (CSP 103806/NSWC 103813)
The Unit Issue does not submit.

The system defect is resolved. The Unit Identification Code Custodian field populates the dropdown appropriately using Intellisense. 
87473 Warehouse LPWHN95 - Inventory - Issued / Issued Inventory/Select All option is missing (NSWC 87473)
The Select All (all pages) is missing from the Physical Inventory - Issued process.

The Select All (all pages) is added to the Issued Inventory Details.
101514 Warehouse LPWHR78 - Warehouse Activity Report / WM Activity report not aligning with Inventory Activity inquiry results (NSWC 101514)
The Warehouse Activity Report is printing incorrect data.

The date used for the Unit Issues on the Warehouse Activity Report to the Issue Date is corrected. The Unit Issue Request no longer updates the Last Updated stub fields when no changes are made. 

System Change Details



01967 - LPMMN17 - Update MM Module Appropriation AUD roles

Module: Accounting
What Changed:
The following roles have changed to Read Only for Appropriation:
  • ICP Officer
  • Materiel Program Manager
  • Materiel Division Manager
  • ICP Manager
  • Administrative Contracting Officer
  • ALT - HQDA ICP Administrator
  • ALT - PEO ICP Administrator
The following role changed to Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) for Appropriation:
  • Financial Manager
The Originating Problem:
The Appropriation Add/Update/Delete screens and the use of appropriations in the Materiel Management/Inventory Control Point module require changes for future enterprise accounting in DPAS.

If anyone still requires Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) access for Appropriation changes, they must request the Financial Manager role. The above list of roles are now Read Only roles.


01855 - DPAS Sub-Warehouse / Enable functionality (production-ready)

Module: Warehouse
What Changed:
The Warehouse Identifier field within the Warehouse Management process is enabled to allow adding and removing Subordinate Warehouses. 

The Originating Problem:
New functionality is created to support the Subordinate Warehouse functionality within the DPAS Warehouse.

The Subordinate Warehouse functionality is now fully user-enable and the Warehouse Identifier field is now enabled within the Warehouse Management process to allow adding and removing Subordinate Warehouses.