Who Should Attend:

This course is recommended for those individuals responsible for managing all aspects of a Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) Maintenance Activity (MA). This includes maintenance of all Master Data entries, Work Order, Dispatch and Utilization information.

Class Times:

  • DPAS M&U Officer - 2½ days (Days 1 & 2: 0800 – 1600; Day 3: 0800 to 1200)
  • Check our Training Registration for upcoming course dates or Contact Us if you wish to host this course at your site.

Course Description:

The Maintenance and Utilization (M&U) Officer course includes complete instruction in using the DPAS M&U module to manage assets migrated from the DPAS Property Accountability (PA) module. The course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the complete system functionality and capabilities provided by the M&U module.

Please review the Roles Spreadsheet on M&U Officer (DPAS8010), Reports and M&U Reports & Forms (DPAS8050) and M&U Data Inquiry (DPAS8040) roles to see what topics will be covered during this training.

In this class, you will learn:

    • - All fundamental DPAS principles pertaining to Maintenance and Utilization
    • - Key skills in using the DPAS M&U module for day-to-day Maintenance and Utilization business processes for:
      • Creating and managing Work Orders
      • Dispatching equipment/vehicles
      • Recording utilization of assets
      • Tracking of warranty, services and subscriptions
    • - The inquiry, reports and forms processes in the DPAS M&U module


  • General Computer Skills - be able to navigate in a Microsoft Windows environment
  • General Property Management Knowledge - have a fundamental understanding of property management principles
  • CAC (Common Access Card) - must be with you for each day of class

Program of Instruction:

  • Introduction to DPAS
  • Navigation
  • Maintenance Activity Setup
    • Maintenance Activity
    • Address
    • Equipment Pools
    • Dispatch Category
    • Certification & Licensing
    • Operator/Technician
    • Maintenance team
    • Contracts and Contractors
  • Work Plan/Work Plan Details
  • Profiling Assets
  • Warranty, Services and Subscriptions
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Asset Utilization
  • Dispatch
  • Work Order
  • Skill builders and practical exercises (throughout)

DPAS eLearning Online Preparation:

You must take the corresponding online course for your role in DPAS eLearning to receive a certificate and to gain access to the related functionality in DPAS.

You must pass each exam in the online course with a 77% or higher to receive certification for your Custodian training.